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Even for the most experienced smokers, many prefer using a bubbler pipe over anything else. Bubbler pipes are also known as Bubblers. Bubble pipes provide a much-improved smoking experience and are more aesthetically pleasing as well. Originally used in parts of Asia and Africa bubbler pipes have traveled across the world and are now used frequently by everyday smokers and casual smokers alike. A bubbler pipe is a device used for smoking tobacco or marijuana products. Inside a bubbler pipe, the smoke travels down a tube then reaches a reservoir of water where the smoke is cooled. During this bubbles are formed and that’s also the reason how this smoking device got its name. The water makes the usually hot smoke to get much cooler and more pleasant to smoke. The water also filters the smoke as it passes through the pipe.

Many smokers have found that bubblers produce smoother hits and enhance the smoking experience in general. Bubblers are made from blown glass that is sometimes fumed with silver and gold which gives the bubblers an iridescent visual effect. Bubbler pipes are available in many colors and designs to please the smoker’s tastes. A bubbler consists of several parts: the water pipe the tobacco container and the pipe rack. The water pipe contains a water container and a drawtube that can be as long as 12 inches in length. The pipe rack contains holes for tobacco container and the water pipe. During the smoking process, the rack is held in one hand. A bubbler pipe allows the smoker to enjoy larger quantities of smoke during each inhale. Using the bubbler is a fairly simple process.

To use a bubbler first add water to the water container and then blot out any excess water with a paper towel. Then insert tobacco or your herb of choice into tobacco container. Don’t put too much as that will clog the pipe but make sure to put just enough. Then take the pipe into whatever hand you feel comfortable using. Use your thumb to plug the carb which is a small hole that is on the side of the pipe. After that light you lighter and hold the lit lighter over the tobacco allowing the flamer to come into contact with the tobacco container. You can now inhale through the pipe. After inhaling remove the lighter and allow the smoke to fill your lungs.