Some bubblers may even have two chambers. It helps to filter the smoke more and make it hence cleaner. These bubblers are called Double Chamber Bubbler Pipes. But both bubblers are used the same way. Although I handled this topic also in the upper post, I wanted to make sure that everyone who searches for this will get their information.

Fill the chamber that is located below the bowl with water. Put the tobacco in the bowl. Hold the bubbler in one hand. Find the carb and place your thumb over it. This small hole is usually located on the left side of the bubbler. When you can’t find it on the left side then check the right side of the bubbler pipe. You need to place your thumb over it to restrict the airflow so that you can light the tobacco properly. Use your free hand to hold the lighter. Hold the flame over the tobacco and start sucking the mouthpiece. You can take the lighter away after the tobacco starts to burn. Now take your thumb away from the carb and enjoy!